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MOMENTEM dual-burr hand coffee grinder $349

MOMENTEM coffee grinder

Coffee drinkers searching for a professional and coffee grinder may be interested in the new MOMENTEM which has launched by Indiegogo this month and already blasted past its required pledge goal. The innovative dual-burr, multi-step hand coffee grinder has been designed to “revolutionize coffee tech for better brews” say it is creators based in the United States.

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the innovative project from roughly $349 or £287 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 30% off the final retail price, while the Indiegogo crowd funding is under way.

coffee grinder

“MOMENTEM was designed for baristas and home brewers who are looking for something more in their coffee experience. The result? An exquisite cup of coffee with the benefits of two-step grinding – without the hassle – and an expanded flavor profile that will change the way you brew forever. The first conical burr serves as the pre-breaker – the first step of MOMENTEM’s two-step grinding system – breaking down the coffee beans into coarse grounds with more surface area. You can control the grind size settings of this burr with the 60-step outer adjustment ring. This will give you the ability to change the grind size from 600μ up to 3000μ.”

coffee grinder

Hand coffee grinder

If the MOMENTEM campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around January 2023. To learn more about the MOMENTEM hand coffee grinder project view the promotional video below.

“The second conical burr receives the coarse grounds at a slower and more even feeding rate in order to minimize resistance, allowing the coffee particles to travel through the burrs more quickly. Its outer adjustment ring can turn a total of 4 revolutions, with each one comprising 100 clicks that individually change the distance between the burr by 0.015mm. “

hand coffee grinder

“Professional baristas and coffee champions like Japanese champion Miki Suzuki have been experimenting with two-step grinding (regrinding) for years and achieved great results in the final cup quality, but the amount of effort it took made the technique unattractive for everyday brewing. MOMENTEM’s double-burr set system, crafted with titanium-coated stainless steel, clears away the hurdles for two-step grinding.”

For a complete list of all available special pledges, stretch goals, extra media and detailed specs for the hand coffee grinder, jump over to the official MOMENTEM crowd funding campaign page by following the link below.

Source : Indiegogo

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