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Kristin Cavallari said her relationship with Jay Cutler was toxic

Kristin Cavallari talked about her recent divorce with NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, the actress gave an interview on the podcast Call Her Daddy where she talked about how difficult the relationship with the former Denver Broncos player was.

The couple had announced their plans to get married, but some time later they canceled the ceremony, at the time they did not give reasons, but now Kriston talked about why they decided that the wedding did not happen.

It was a toxic relationship

“I called off the engagement the same reason I got a divorce – same reasons, I should say,” she said. “I guess if there’s any takeaway from that, it’s that you can’t ignore red flags, people don’t change, and you gotta trust your gut.”

“It was toxic,” she said regarding their marriage as a whole. “Period, end of story. That’s all I kinda need to say.”

Cavallari declined to give details of the relationship said Cutler was the father of her three children and so she wasn’t going to say everything that happened in the relationship.

“If you and I didn’t have microphones in front of us, I’d fucking tell you,” she said, “but that’s their dad and my oldest googles us now and I just want to be very careful.”

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler had a seven-year relationship.

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