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Selena Gomez fights for ‘real stomachs’ on TikTok

While on vacation in Italy, Selena Gomez posted to TikTok on Wednesday to declare that “real stomachs” are once again fashionable.

The swimsuit-clad star of the video, which has amassed more than 4.6 million views, relaxed on a yacht while dubbing over a voice telling her to “suck it in.”

The founder of Rare Beauty, 30, lip-synced, “I’m not sucking s-t in. Real stomachs are on their way back, okay?

She examined her La’Mariette tie-dye swimsuit with her hands as she recorded the video. The one-piece is from the swimwear line she created with her friend and former assistant Theresa Mingus back in 2021.

The “Only Murders in the Building” star received a lot of praise from fans for spreading body-positive messages to her 42 million TikTok subscribers.

Selena Gomez uses her platform for good

Gomez has used her social media to raise awareness about issues like mental health and body image after being offline for four years.

The former Disney Channel star blasted body shamers on the app back in April, claiming that giving up her favorite foods to get “skinny” is pointless because “people bitch about it [her weight] anyway.”

“Bitch, I am perfect the way I am,” she continued.

She does, however, feel that some subjects are off-limits, such as her dating life, despite the fact that she is open about some subjects.

Recently, in a new TikTok video, her grandmother came dangerously close to disclosing information about the singer’s most recent love troubles.

Her grandmother asked her off-camera, “So, how did you end it with that guy?” while she was filming a makeup tutorial. Gomez, who was in disbelief, froze before answering, “Uh… I’ll tell you in a second.”

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