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Former WWE star Jim Duggan wins cancer fight again

Wrestling legend, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, continues with the toughest fight of his life and prevailed again, as he added 39 radiations to overcome prostate cancer and celebrated by ringing the bell that makes him a survivor.

Jim Duggan, 68, appears in a video posted on social networks in which he celebrates completing a radiation treatment for cancer, a disease that returned after fighting a strong fight in 2021.

The month of May the former WWE wrestler had to undergo an eight-week treatment, same that ended in these days and allowed him to celebrate.

“For eight weeks I’ve been coming, looking at this bell, listening to other people passing by and ringing the bell and looking forward to it,” said the gladiator, winner of the Royal Rumble in 1988 in the video he posted on his social networks.

The hospital visits were five days a week in two months, but free of the disease and cancer, the wrestler assures that it was worth all the effort, and did not hesitate to thank his family.

“For eight weeks I have been coming to this hospital five days a week dreaming of ringing the bell that means I am cancer free.

Before doing so I want to thank the doctors, nurses and specialists who saved my life. To my wife and daughters who never left my side during this time,” said Hacksaw.

Duggan had been cancer-free in 2021, a long fight that included the removal of his prostate, but the cancer returned for another fight with Hacksaw, who once again emerged victorious, as he did many times in the ring. It will be six months before he returns to the hospital for a checkup.

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