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Does Alex Jones Know What Perjury Is?

Alex Jones testifies in and Austin, Texas—conceding that the Sandy Hook shooting was “100% real”

Alex Jones testifies in and Austin, Texas—conceding that the Sandy Hook shooting was “100% real”
Image: Briana Sanchez (AP)

Alex Jones, controversial radio host and conspiracy theory peddler, has finally walked back on his previous claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was fake, testifying in court that the shooting was, in fact, real after meeting the parents of the children that were killed.

Alex Jones and obtuse views of national tragedies unfortunately go hand in hand. After years of spouting conspiracy theories that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was fake, Jones has finally conceded and testified during a defamation trial that the massacre was 100% real. While a refreshing change of pace for the hot-headed troglodyte, Jones was quick to cite his divorce as a reason for his initial, unsubstantiated claims of conspiracy regarding Sandy Hook, as well as chastise the media for perpetuating his reputation as the man behind the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. Jones said in his testimony today:

It was [irresponsible], especially since I met the parents. It’s 100% real, as I said on the radio yesterday, and I said here today. It’s 100% real and the media still ran with lies that I was saying it wasn’t real on air yesterday. It’s incredible. They won’t let me take it back, they just want to keep me in the position of being “The Sandy Hook Man.”

Alex Jones’ defense has so far been paper thin, and continues to be so as it was revealed that his legal team apparently made a grave mistake regarding evidence. In a shocking move, the plaintiff’s lawyer revealed a portfolio of text messages as evidence that were accidentally sent to him by Jones’ attorney. Jones previously claimed under oath that he had no text messages about Sandy Hook after conducting a search in his phone. As Jones attempted to dodge the attempt from the plaintiff’s lawyer to confirm this was the case, the lawyer replied “You know what perjury is, right?” Jones also allegedly failed to produce emails regarding his comments on Sandy Hook and the defamation case itself.

The Alex Jones defamation trial is currently in its seventh day, and the outcome doesn’t appear to be in his favor.

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