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Terrell Owens got into such a heated argument with a woman: “You’re a black man approaching a white woman”

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens live-streamed a disturbing video in which a white woman called the police because Owens approached her.

Owens, who played for 15 years in the NFL, began filming the altercation with a woman after police officers arrived.

In the video Owens recorded, a woman can be heard telling the officers that Owens “rolled down the window and started harassing me.”

“I’m driving to my mailbox, you’re telling me to go fast,” Owens told the officers. “You’re asking me to slow down.”

The woman accuses Owens of running a stop sign and then getting out of her car after telling her to slow down.

“I told him to slow down, he got out of his car and started harassing me,” the woman said in the video to police officers.

“You shouldn’t have stumbled out of your car,” the woman yelled at Owens. “You’re a black man approaching a white woman.”

During the video recording, Owens repeatedly referred to the woman as “Karen” as the woman broke down crying in front of the police officers.

“Karen is real!!!!” Owens’ Instagram video caption. “Wow!!! Just a normal night of being a black man in America. I mean I don’t believe it, but you know what it is.”

It was also unclear where the accident occurred. Owens has a registered address in South Florida.

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