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Shareef O’Neal, son of NBA legend Shaquille, hits back at criticism from ex-Lakers star

After playing for the Los Angeles Lakers during this past season’s Summer League, Shareef O’Neal was criticised by former player Robert Horry who questioned if the young O’Neal has what it takes to play in the NBA.

Despite he and Shaquille O’Neal being Lakers teammates between 1997 and 2003, Horry didn’t hold back in his assessment of Shareef‘s performances.

“I picked up my phone, and I was getting ready to call Shaq like, ‘Yo man, you gotta tell your son … he can’t be playing off the damn O’Neal name,'” Horry said on his Big Shot Bob podcast.

“He gotta go out there and play.’ You gotta put forth some more effort man. You know Shareef‘s such a nice kid, that I don’t know if he has that dog in him to go out there and take what he wants.”

Shareef responded to the critique on Twitter stating how determined he was to make it in the NBA.

“I know this outta love and no disrespect!!! I got you BIG SHOT but you know who raised me, I don’t quit,” Shareef tweeted.

“Always been taught to go get it and take it. Been heading in the right step … like I said I got you! You’ll see.”

Shareef has already overcome adversity once in his life when he underwent open-heart surgery.

Despite playing at the NCAA level for UCLA and LSU the younger O’Neal went undrafted during the 2022 NBA Draft and has recently signed a six-figure deal to play in the NBA G League Ignite.

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