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Can LeBron James’ family surpass the Curry family as the best in NBA history?

Before we move any further with this possibility of LeBron James‘ family becoming the best in NBA history, we need to talk about the others who were in the run for the title. Michael Jordan’s kids never even tried to play basketball, not did Bill Russell’s kid did. Gary Payton I & II are good contenders but they are not on the level of the family who is currently at the top of this category.

The Antetokounmpo brothers are being carried by Giannis alone. As far as the Gasol brothers, it’s only two of them and they are good contenders but still far from the top. The Ball brothers seem promising but they are barely starting their careers. But reaching the very top never seemed more appealing for LeBron James and his gang. Sons Bronny and Bryce are looking scarier by the minute.

Who is the greatest NBA family of all time?

If you even have to ask, you clearly haven’t been watching basketball over the last 20 years. Hands down, the greatest family in NBA history are the Currys. Father Dell Curry is an NBA legend in his own right and one of the best shooters in the game’s history. He has two sons who are already NBA all-stars, one of them is Seth Curry and he currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

Although he is truly a pro-level athlete, he pales in comparison with his brother Stephen. The Golden State Warriors star is already starting to creep into the NBA’s Top 10 players of all-time. His fourth championship and memorable Finals’ MVP performance made sure of that. But LeBron has a goo claim to this title in the next 10 years.

The James gang is here to stay

With LeBron James already being compared to Michael Jordan as the greatest of all-time, his two sons only need to prove they are half as good as their father in order to become wildly successful. Simply by looking at the drills they are putting in during the off-season, you can tell they have their father’s genes.

James himself has gushed over their kids’ work ethic and dedication in countless social media posts. Both Bronny and Bryce seem destined to someday soon, become NBA players and move up from there. Having one of the best players to ever do it is a great asset but it can also become a curse. Can they live up to the expectations? We’ll have to wait and see.

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