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Witness thought Anne Heche was burned to death inside her car after the crash

Actress Anne Heche was lucky for getting out of such a terrible car crash alive, she was actually believed dead at the scene. In fact, there is a wild video from Fox News where she appears to be completely covered by the paramedics as she was dead. But this view from a helicopter shows the actress opening the bag from the stretcher and fighting the paramedics to avoid entering the ambulance.

The first witness who got to the scene attempted to approach the burning blue Mini Cooper but the flames were too heavy to get any closer. His name is David Manpearl and The Post got a long statement from the scene. The man truly believed Heche was burned to death inside her vehicle.

This is what Manpearl said: “I was convinced she was burned up and gone. I couldn’t imagine anyone surviving that. My first thought was that it was a car malfunction or that there was some sort of medical issue. The car was going three times faster than it should have been. She blew through three intersections.

“There was no turning or swerving or braking or skid marks. The fire just got bigger and bigger while she was sitting there stuck in the car. The flames were licking the ceiling of the car and just closing in on her. I thought she was lost. I had to back out of there because I was starting not to be able to breathe from the smoke.”

Anne Heche’s current condition.

After the crash happened and the firefighters were able to retrieve the actress through tools and a lot of work, she was able to survive. Very few people in the world can survive such a terrible accident. Heche‘s spokesperson already stated to the media that the actress is in stable condition and will live to fight another day.

However, there will be repercussions from her actions once the toxicology report becomes public. Fortunately, she didn’t kill anybody but the woman’s house she crashed sustained some major damage that Anne Heche will surely have to pay.

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