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Hotel worker “exposes” secret sex parties of the mega rich

In a recent Vice article, the murky secrets of wealthy guests he has over the years served have been revealed by a hotel operations manager.

We might not be aware of what occurs behind closed doors, but the hotel manager is, and he has seen feces being thrown, semen, and trashed hotel rooms.

The anonymous manager firmly agrees that it sounds like some zoo animals broke into the hotel, describing the behavior as “not human.”

The manager, who was wearing a menacing mask, told Vice about the immoral behavior he saw while serving as manager.

The employee started out by making some startling revelations ” The hotel industry is a wild experience that helps you understand how disconnected the wildly wealthy are. I’ve seen the darker side of humanity – suicides, murders, spousal abuse, human trafficking – that stays with you for a long time.”

Massive orgies and death cults

He went on to say that over the course of one weekend, 60 affluent clients rented out the entire hotel. And yes, it all led to a “massive orgy.

When the guests left the “nightmare room“-complete with blood, feces, semen, and fans-the hotel manager was anything but happy.

Instead, one of his dole boys approached and said, “I have a black light; I’m curious.” He turned it on, and I recall that when we looked down, we noticed the stains; when we looked sideways, we noticed them on the wall; and when we looked up in the bathroom, we noticed all of them in the ceiling, we thought, “How do you do this is not human – were you on the ceiling?’

It seems that’s not even the worst of it because, in a totally unrelated incident, the manager once went to investigate a broken shower after the housekeeping staff reported it.

To find the shower head, they “hacksawed off the actual shower piece” and “attached a four-foot anal probe hose to it with multiple settings on the other end.”

Amber Heard and her “sex parties”

Although he does not mention the “Aquaman” actress, the fact that this information comes out after the recent discovery of Amber Heard’s alleged sex parties really makes you wonder if there’s a connection.

This new information is so terrifying to Amber Heard. She allegedly grew so concerned about the situation that she contacted Elon Musk to discuss the best course of action.

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