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Boxing: Bob Arum doesn’t believe Tyson Fury’s retirement: “he just likes the attention”

Tyson Fury’s retirement took the boxing world by surprise, especially because just three days earlier he had announced that he would fight again. Although his statement seemed serious, some do not take it seriously. Such is the case of Bob Arum, who considers that the words of the ‘Gypsy King’ are pure lies.

Fury wants to fight

In an interview with ‘Fight Hub TV’, Arum downplayed the importance of Fury’s announcement. Fury wanted to face fellow Englishman Derek Chisora, and that was the reason why he had decided to return to the ring.

Is Chisora up to Fury’s level?

However, when Arum was asked if Chisora was a level opponent for Fury, his answer was more than clear. “Not really. Tyson is watching: he’s a little bit out of the spotlight because Usyk is fighting Joshua and Tyson likes the microphones and cameras focused on him.”

The seasoned fighter further elaborated. “There would be (consideration to fight Chisora), for example, if the winner of that fight is hurt and can’t fight right away. Yes, then Fury would look to keep busy and fight Chisora or someone like that.”

Fury says he’s the best fighter of his generation and slams “sore loser” Wilder

Fury will most likely fight in the US again!

He also addressed possible destinations for a new Fury fight. “Well, right now it doesn’t seem like a fight in the U.S. would be as valuable as fighting somewhere else, whether it’s in the U.K. or the Middle East. But I’m sure before he hangs up the gloves, Tyson Fury will fight in the U.S. again.”

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