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King Charles and a change in the law that would ‘neglect’ Prince Andrew, Harry and Princess Beatrice

One of Charles III‘s first major acts as King could be to change a law which impacts who can stand in for him should he fall unwell or be out of the country.

The King must choose four Consellors of State who act on his behalf should such a situation arise, and that typically follows the order of succession for the throne, including his own siblings.

However, according to The Telegraph, King Charles is considering changing the law to remove non-working royals such as Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice.

It would involve an amendment to the 1937 Regency Act and would see the four Consellors of State chosen as Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince William and his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla.

The move would mark a significant change to the traditional custom, as this could also mean that Prince William would have to be officially named as the heir to the throne, rather than the existing procedure which sees him second in line to the throne purely due to his relation to King Charles.

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