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These are the jewels Queen Elizabeth II will be buried with at her funeral in London

This Monday is the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, whose death remains one of the most talked-about topics of the day.

The process of burying the Queen is relatively complex, as it involves various acts and events in her honour before the final ceremony can take place.

When Queen Elizabeth II is buried, she will be so at George VI Memorial Chapel along with various items.

While the exact arrangements haven’t yet been made official, one expert has had her say and has claimed that there won’t be as many jewels as normal.

What jewels will Queen Elizabeth II be buried with?

“Her majesty was an incredibly humble woman at heart, who is unlikely to be dressed in anything but her simple Welsh gold wedding band to rest and a pair of pearl earrings,” Lisa Levinson, head of communications at the Natural Diamond Council, told Metro newspaper.

Levinson went on to claim that Queen Elizabeth II has likely left her engagement ring for Princess Anne to take.

“The young Prince Philip was closely involved in the design of Elizabeth’s engagement ring, which is set in platinum and has 11 natural diamonds, a three-carat round solitaire diamond, and five smaller stones set on each side,” the expert added.

“Her majesty’s life has always been about the legacy of the Royal Family, in the UK and Commonwealth. Her jewels form very much part of that legacy.”

That claim was backed up by another royal expert who spoke to Metro.

“Many of the jewels she wore form part of the history of the country and will be passed to the future Monarch and the Queen Consort, for the remainder of their lives,” explained Mok O’Keeffe of GayAristo.

As for her coffin, it is expected to be draped in the Royal Standard, a flag that represents the UK.

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