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Tom Brady starts brawl that gets Buccaneers teammate Mike Evans ejected

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady started a brawl against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday that got his teammate Mike Evans ejected.

Brady, 45, was fuming the entire game against the Saints, who he had yet to beat as a Buccaneer.

Sunday’s win set Brady’s Bucs record at 1-4 against the Saints, but that wasn’t the biggest story to come out of the game.

Early in the fourth quarter, Brady made a gun gesture towards the Saints bench that Marshon Lattimore did not appreciate.

Lattimore exchanged some words with Brady before Leonard Fournette and Evans joined the fight.

Evans, Lattimore ejected

Evans pushed Lattimore to the ground and both men were ejected from the game.

Prior to the incident, Brady has already been seen throwing his tablet to the ground and yelling at teammates.

Some pundits believe Brady’s off-the-field issues are to blame for his anger against the Saints, but the QB’s rage was more than likely due to wanting a win against his nemesis.

Brady and the Bucs move to 2-0 to start the 2022 NFL season and will take on the Green Bay Packers next Sunday.

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