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Kyler Murray leads Cardinals in epic comeback drive to force OT, defeat Raiders

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray led his team to an epic comeback drive against the Las Vegas Raiders that forced overtime and subsequently gave them the victory Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

Murray, 25, had a scoreless first half and the Cardinals trailed by 20 points after the break.

It was a tale of two halves, with Raiders QB Derek Carr throwing his two TD passes in the first couple frames.

Cardinals held Carr and company to a single field goal in the second half, managing to equal the score in the final seconds of regulation.

In the fourth quarter, Murray converted two 2-point attempts, rushing the first one in himself after dodging defenders for 20 seconds and nearly 85 yards.

Murray scores TD with five seconds left

Murray then rushed in a TD with five seconds left on the clock and converted the second 2-point attempt of the quarter to force OT.

Even though he couldn’t lead the team to a score in the opening drive of overtime, Cardinals were fortunate to recover a fumble and return it for the game-winnning TD.

After an embarrassing loss in Week 1 to the Kansas City Chiefs, Murray now proved that he has what it takes to make this a winning season for Arizona.

Cardinals face the Los Angeles Rams next Sunday as the Raiders take on the Tennessee Titans to look for its first win of the season.

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