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George Kittle can’t play for the 49ers right now, but he still showed up to WWE Raw

George Kittle is not 100% to return to the field to join his teammates, however, that is not stopping him from enjoying a good WWE show in San Jose while he recovers.

Pro Bowler George Kittle suffered an aggravated groin injury recently and he was in a good mood since he was enjoying the show.

Cero Miedo hand sign

It is well known that Kittle is a long-time WWE fan, and most recently he appropriated the Cero Miedo which means No Fear hand sign from pro wrestler Pentagon Jr. whom he has befriended.

Kittle also has attended WrestleMania and has even attended indie wrestling shows whenever he can.

He spoke about befriending the WWE star

While being interviewed by Sports Illustrated, Kittle commented that “Two years ago in New Orleans, I went to WrestleMania and I saw (Penta) wrestle like six different times at a bunch of different shows,”

He praised Pentagon Jr.

He also praised Pentagon Jr. “His swagger in the ring, his confidence, just kind of stuck with me. Wrestling is something that I love and enjoy, too, so seeing that in the ring and how he holds himself and how he enters the ring, how he leaves the ring-everything he does has purpose and I love that.”

49ers can’t wait for his return

It is only a matter of time before Kittle returns to the 49ers as an active player, and this will be great news for the team since they need him now so they can have a steady and firm beginning of the season, meanwhile, the 49ers are 1-1.

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