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Clippers clear Kawhi Leonard to play 5 vs 5 drills ahead of new NBA season

This is not a drill, Kawhi Leonard is finally getting a green light to play 5 v 5 drills with Los Angeles Clippers. Recently, there was a video that shows how much muscle mass he’s mustered over the off-season while in recovery from his injury. Leonard missed the entire last NBA season and the Clippers resented that, Paul George’s absence was also a major contributor to not reaching the Playoffs.

But this new season brings new opportunities for the team, they want to become the tournament’s biggest surprise with Kawhi Leonard as their best man inside the court. He has been doing weights, resistance drills, and a lot of practice games. Kawhi is ready for the new season but his coaching staff wants to remain cautious about his return.

Coach Lawrence Frank broke the news on Kawhi

After Thursday’s practice, coach Lawrence Frank spoke to the press about the LA Clippers star and he also revealed there is no rivalry between Leonard and Paul George. This is what he said: “They don’t compete for who’s team it is… our guys are competing with and for each other with one goal in mind. And so we’re very lucky that our two star players have that sort of connection and appreciation for each other.”

Before that statement, Frank confirmed the news but stressed they won’t rush anything with one of their franchise players. It’s going to be baby steps for the Clippers to get Leonard back to his groove from before the injury happened.

About this year’s expectations on the Clippers, Frank added: “All we have to do is go back two years ago to Kawhi’s injury against Utah. And you know, Kawhi was playing the best basketball player in the world.

“Our team was playing at a high level and, you know, unfortunately for Kawhi and for the group he got injured. So I think with that it just reinforces the urgency you have to approach every single day that nothing’s guaranteed this league, changes quickly. People forget quickly.”

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