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Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh got into a shouting match on ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ set

Even though she made an incredible debut with her film ‘Booksmart’ from 2019, the ‘Don’t Worry Darling‘ production has been a complete train wreck from the very start. First, Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf can’t seem to agree on who walked out from their professional partnership first. Harry Styles took over the role, a man who was romantically involved with the director.

Star Florence Pugh has already stated her discomfort of how unprofessional the entire production has been. After the movie came out for critics, it was completely bashed by at least half of them with mixed reviews. To all that, we can also add the rumors of an alleged feud between Wilde and Pugh that just got a new chapter today.

Accoring to Page Six, the director and the actress reportedly got into a heated shouting match during production inside the set. Pugh was allegedly angry at Wilde for missing so many hours of filming during January, 2021. An insider from the film’s production revealed this information to the gossip website.

Leading up to this disagreement, Florence Pugh was reportedly complaining about Wilde’s frequent and unexplained absences from set. The insider believes these absences may be directly linked to Olivia Wilde’s new relationship with Harry Styles at the time. Claims that the director and the pop star often disappeared from set are too many to count and from different sources.

Pugh keeps dodging Olivia Wilde

This is mainly what angered Florence Pugh, the fact that the movie director couldn’t remain professional during production. During the promotion for this film, Florence had a perfect excuse to miss most of it due to her previous commitment in the set of ‘Dune: Part 2’. However, she didn’t miss the Venice Film Festival. There has always been a hint of friction between actor and director but this report confirms it.

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