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Boxing: Dmitry Bivol vs. Zurdo Ramirez: Julio Cesar Chavez’s big disappointment in the fight won by the Russian boxer

After Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez‘s disappointing exhibition against Dmitry Bivol this Saturday, Julio Cesar Chavez declared his annoyance with the performance of the fighter from Sinaloa, Mexico for the way he was widely outclassed by the Russian champion, who won his tenth defense of his WBA version semi-complete title.

“I’m taking a big disappointment. It’s looking lousy for me,” said the “Great Mexican Champion” during the fight telecast on Saturday night.

Why did Zurdo Ramirez lose?

Chavez questioned Zurdo’s performance since the beginning of the fight, because he bragged a lot and showed a physical preparation with which he said he would beat a skilled Russian, who gave a boxing lesson in Abu Dhabi.

“I’m not liking him anymore, he’s boxing backwards,” he said in the first round. “He from the start should impose conditions and push him back. I don’t like those punches,” he added.

As the fight progressed, Chavez became more and more surprised by the Sinaloan fighter‘s lack of strategy:

“The challenger is Zurdo, he is the one who must go forward, the one who needs magic is Zurdo Ramirez, he must force the fight, push back Bivol who is beating him in punch combinations. The truth is that Zurdo should press a little more, not give him the initiative. To beat him you have to attack him, not give him space,” Julio Cesar Chavez said.

However, the former Mexican champion lost hope little by little and changed his surprise into annoyance: “Much ado about nothing with Lefty. You don’t see the courage to win the fight, to force him, to go forward as great champions should do”.

Towards the middle of the fight, Chavez stoked the criticisms: “How come I didn’t have Bivol in my time to throw him back, to hit him up and down. You beat those fighters like that, throwing him backwards”, inferring that Zurdo lacked the hunger to force the fight and put the Russian boxer in predicament.

Chavez’s disappointment: “I see him lukewarm, sparing”

During the course of the fight Chavez explained that he has known Ramirez for a long time, and knowing of his potential, he did not do what was necessary.

“I love Zurdo very much, but tonight he is letting me down. I am not seeing him at 100, with that courage, that determination, determination, the desire to be world champion, I see him lukewarm, sparing. Get those cojones out, Zurdo! I really don’t see where he’s going, he’s not fighting hard”, Julio Cesar Chavez said.

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