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Aaron Carter’s reps support Hilary Duff against new book about the late singer

Hilary Duff is criticizing a new memoir about the late Aaron Carter in which he claims to have taken her virginity when she was as young as 13, and her management team is standing by her.

“We as Aaron’s management would like to thank Hilary Duff for her statement regarding the book that is set to be released,” Taylor Helgeson, of Big Umbrella Management, said in a statement.

“In the few short days following our dear friend’s passing we have been trying to grieve and process while simultaneously having to deal with obscenely disrespectful and unauthorized releases, including an album titled ‘Blacklisted,‘ a single titled ‘Lately,’ and now a book.”

“This is a time for mourning and reflection not heartless money grabs and attention seeking. We would ask the parties responsible to remove the aforementioned content and that no further content be released without approval from his family, friends, and associates,” the statement ended.

The singer supposedly spent three years working with author Andy Symonds on the unfinished book “Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life” before his unexpected death on Saturday.

The book, which will be published on Tuesday, barely 10 days after Carter’s passing, makes the claim that the couple, who dated roughly from 2000 to 2003, lost their virginities to one another. Carter maintains that it occurred at a hotel in Los Angeles on Duff’s 13th birthday.

Hillary Duff on Aaron Carter’s passing

Ballast Books, the book’s publisher, came under fire from Hillary Duff on Thursday, calling the work a “uninformed, heartless, money grab.”

“For Aaron – I’m truly sorry that life was so hard for you and that you had to struggle in-front of the whole world,” Duff said on Instagram after learning of Carter’s passing.

Carter’s body was discovered in his bathtub at his California residence. Although an autopsy is still being performed, it has been stated that compressed air cans and prescription bottles were discovered at the scene.

Carter’s drug use and association with Michael Jackson, including an alleged event at his Neverland Ranch in 2003, are also covered in the upcoming memoir.

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