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Aaron Carter opposed to his memoir being published, his publicist confirmed

Aaron Carter has led one of the wildest and most controversial lives in music, he struggled with different types of demons until his tragic death last week. The singer-turned-rapper was found dead in his bathtub after drowning and multiple compressed air canisters were found at the scene. Apart from that, no further details about his death have been provided by the authorities. Carter‘s representatives are currently trying to prevent a massive legal problem to emerge against the publishing company that doesn’t have the rights to his memoir. This book is called, ‘Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life’.

This memoir is completely unauthorized and it is expected to hit shelves and online stores next Tuesday. In this book, Aaron Carter reveales he once spent the night at Michael Jackson’s home and allegedly found him at the end of his bed wearing nothing but underweaar. Carter also details the torrid love affair he had with Hillary Duff and claims she took his virginity when he was only 12 and she was 13. Duff was appalled at the claim and completely rejected the publishing company for profitting from the late singer’s passing just a week after his death.

Carter’s publicist confirms he was against the memoir getting published

After Hillary Duff’s comments, the late singer’s management team thanked the actress for supporting the stance against the greedy publisher. However, there was still no knowledge to whether Carter was on board with the publishing of this memoir or not until this weekend. His publicist made the following statement to the folks of Page Six:Aaron, in the midst of [working on the book], said, ‘I want nothing to do with this’ and stopped, so the fact that the publisher is saying it’s green-lit, it’s not. That’s against Aaron’s wishes.”

Contrary to what people may think about his personality, Aaron Carter’s publicist confirmed his client still had a moral compass and he was in no way happy with all the content this memoir would expose about his troubled life. Even though he always seemed problematic in his approach, Aaron Carter always chose to try to fix the mistakes he made throughout his life. Capitalizing on the darkest moments of a recently deceased celebrity in such public fashion is something everybody close to Aaron Carter’s circle are opposing to.

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