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UFC: UFC 281: Alex Pereira increases 25+ pounds in 24 hours for fight vs Israel Adesanya

Only hours beforeAlex Pereira has the first UFC title shot of his career, he has already increased 25+ pounds in weight and proved it by posting a video. The Brazilian Middleweight was supposed to make 185lbs for last Friday’s weigh-ins. When the moment came in front of all the cameras, Pereira even had to take off his trunks in order to make the weight. Everything worked out as he wanted, Israel Adesanya made weight as well but many are shocked by a new development leading up to the fight just 24 hours after the ceremony.

A video is already viral of Alex Pereira getting on the scale just 24 hours after the weigh-ins, with a staggering 25 pounds heavier already. That’s too much weight for a human being to gain in such a short period of time, or is it? As it turns out, gaining such a massive amount of weight is not as rare as it seems at first glance. In order to understand how this is possible, we need to explain the entire weight cutting process in the UFC and how fighters have to go through it. Many of them literally put their lives in danger in order to make weight in time for their fight.

What’s weight cutting in the UFC like?

Due to their body composition, both Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya’s actual weight should be around 200lbs. They are over 6 feet tall each and both of them have a lt of lean muscle. But Adesanya doesn’t struggle as much to get lean-enough to make mis usual Middleweight at 185lbs. Almost every single combat sports fighter has gone through this weight-cutting process in the span of just a few days. There are cases in which fighters agree to perform with only a few daysof time to make weight. Regardless of how much they train during that period of time, the only way to make weight is to dehydrate their bodies.

This is likely what Alex Pereira did ahead of the fight, Adesanya has done it several times as well. All that matters is to reach the agreed weight when they get on the scale, it’s not forbidden to gain any weight right after they make it during the weigh-ins. In Pereira‘s case, he likely stuffed his face with food and drinks as soon as he made weight in the scale. That’s how gaining 25+ pounds in 24 hours is entirely possible for a big man like Pereira. Adesanya must be at around 200lbs right now too, this will be a leveled fight between the two of them.

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