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Boxing: Logan Paul teases Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate with a challenge: ‘Sign the f**king contract!’

A few days back, Jake Paul uploaded a video where he faces off against disgraced influencer Andrew Tate. Rumors of an imminent fight between these two started circulating online but nothing concrete was agreed. During Tuesday’s episode of ‘Impaulsive’, brother Logan Paul decided to taunt Andrew Tate just to see if he bites and finally agrees to sign the contract to fight Jake Paul. His approach may be a strategy but he has also repeatedly states how much hate he has towards the disgraced influencer. With these statements from Logan Paul, it has been confirmed that Tate has a few offers on the table.

But the debate Logan Paul has recently sparked with this just turned a lot more interesting due to his evident hate for Tate. In his view, Jake Paul should take this fight and keep giving the fans what they want. Everybody wants to see these two get on the ring and watch Jake Paul knock out Andrew Tate. However, this can be a double-edged sword due to Tate’s past as a professional kick boxer. The Paul brothers might be underestimating their possible next rival, check out some of his kick boxing highlights down below.

What did Logan Paul say about Andrew Tate?

In his anaysis, Logan Paul flat out said that Andrew Tate wouldn’t dare fighting Jake or even him. He called out the false claims made by Tate of Logan taking steroids and was very confrontational against him. This is what Logan Paul said: “Andrew Tate will not fight Jake and Andrew Tate will not fight myself. It would be so silly. And if he does, it would be a money play. He’s gonna get his ass kicked and that Top-G facade will finally be revealed as bullshit.

“But it is the fight that everyone wants to see. I’m curious to see if he’s gonna step up. Let’s not forget the man’s old-ish. He would risk that because he can make a lot of money. Your hero is a fucking fraud. Let’s heat up, let’s make something happen. I’ve laid out multiple offers for this dude. Jake has fucking met with this guy. Let’s see actio! One of us talks a fucking lot, the other one does some shit. I wanna see action. Pen to paper, sign the fucking contract and fight. No more bullshit!” You can check out the entire episode down below, which is bookmarked.

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