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Gisele Bundchen’s jiu-jitsu instructor is also training Tom Brady’s kids

Gisele Bundchen has caused a stir after being seen in Costa Rica with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente.

The pair were seen enjoying dinner together but Bundchen’s children were also at the table.

They are the children that she had with ex-husband Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback who is arguably the most famous NFL player in history.

Rumours began to swirl as soon as they were seen together in Costa Rica but now it has emerged that Valente is not only in Central America for Gisele. He is also teaching jiu-jitsu to the children.

Benjamin and Vivian are homeschooled and they have a team that travels with them to ensure that they are still getting all of the education and other activities that they need.

TMZ report that there is a full-time teacher who travels with the family and there is also Valente.

He is tasked with the physical education aspect of their homeschooling, which means teaching them jiu-jitsu.

Sexy jiu-jitsu

There is no clear indication of whether Bundchen and Valente are romantically involved at this current stage, but he has left his business back home behind to be with the family during their weeks long vacation. He is presumably being paid handsomely for his time.

There have not been any public displays of affection from the pair but the timing of their trip, immediately after the finalizing of Brady and Bundchen‘s divorce, is viewed as being very interesting.

As was reported last year, Bundchen and Valente once did a ‘sexy jiu-jitsu’ shoot for Dust Magazine so they have at least one level of familiarity with each other in that regard.

Brady has recently removed his Twitter header which showed Bundchen and the children at the beach.

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