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Prince William criticized by former acquaintance: He is a self-righteous and spoilt little *****!

Prince William being harshly critiqued in one of the United Kingdom‘s main newspapers.

This criticism came in a piece by Simon Heffer, who is the resident royal expert for The Telegraph, after he spoke to a former acquaintance of Prince William, which adds more weight to his words.

Prince William and Harry Kane on mental struggles of football

In discussing the Royal Family’s unease at what Prince Harry might say next, an insult about Prince William was included.

“The Prince of Wales is reported to be appalled at his brother’s general behaviour, and that the book is going to appear at all,” Heffer wrote.

“Although someone who knows Prince William says he can be ‘a self-righteous and spoilt little *****’, there is no doubt he has the best interests of The Firm at heart in deploring the Duke’s conduct.”

Prince William’s big worry

Right now, Prince William is worried about the impact of his brother’s memoirs, as 2022 has been a challenging enough year for the British Royal Family.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II sent the foundations of the family shaking, despite the rather quick turnaround in King Charles being elevated to the position.

However, turbulent waters aren’t yet in the rear-view mirror for the Windsors, with Prince Harry‘s tell-all memoirs due to be released.

William is understood to be terribly concerned about the details revealed within the memoirs, although not from a personal standpoint.

He is more concerned that the revelations could hurt the standing of the Royal Family as a whole.

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