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Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Webslings Its Way Onto TV

Silk, a red mask covering the lower half of her face, crouches with a web behind her.

Image: Marvel Comics

Oh, did you think the MCU had a monopoly on Marvel TV series? Sony Pictures, license holders of the Spider-Man (But Technically Spider-Man-Less) Cinematic Universe, has announced that the Webslinger’s extended cast of characters will extend itself to television as rumored back in 2020, beginning with Silk: Spider Society, coming eventually to Prime Video.

I personally am a big fan of Silk, who was a fellow student of Peter Parker named Cindy Moon; she attended the same science lab tour as him, got bitten by the same radioactive spider, and received a mostly similar set of powers. But what many folks will likely be most excited by is the announcement that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will executive produce Silk. The Walking Dead’s Angela Kang will serve as the showrunner which, if you’ve been watching The Walking Dead (and you almost certainly haven’t been) may be less heartening.

The only other things we know are that Sony intends to make many more Spider-Verse series than just Silk, and they’ll all head to Prime Video and the MGM+ cable/satellite TV channel (formerly Epix) when they’re ready. Given the recent mess that was the Morbius movie, I’m not really sure why I’m feeling so optimistic about Sony pulling this off. Maybe it’s just because this project finally stars an actual Spider-hero?

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