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Paige Spiranac thinks this could be the last time she posts her cleavage on Twitter

The rumour of Twitter shutting down sent users crazy and some are worried that they’ll lose access to their favorite athletes, celebrities and more.

Golf influencer, Paige Spiranac, assured fans that they won’t be missing out on her sexy posts even if Elon Musk decides to pull the plug on Twitter and the social media platform disappears.

She left the fans a link to her personal website alongside a selfie that revealed her cleavage and captioned it: “Here’s my cleavage for the last time on Twitter if it shuts down”, before inviting everybody to sign up for her content and don’t miss a thing she’s posting.

Paige Spiranac thought Twitter might shut down

Paige Spiranac was one of thousands of Twitter users that went crazy when the rumour of Elon Musk shutting down Twitter started trending on the social media platform, fueled by the alleged massive resignation of Twitter employees amid a memo sent by Musk.

Paige Spiranac is very active on Twitter

Paige Spiranac has over 3 million followers across social media, with Twitter, Instagram and TikTok being her most followed accounts.

Earlier this week she posted a video on Twitter in which she criticized users who say that female athletes over sexualize their bodies, to which she said there’s a double standard as male athletes also post shirtless photos sexualizing themselves, even among the top stars in sports like Tom Brady, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham.

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