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Car drives into Apple store in Massachusetts, killing one, wounding 19

In a shocking incident, a car has driven into the Apple store in Hingham (Massachusetts, United States) leaving one dead and sixteen people injured.

The incident, which is still being investigated by local police in the area, took place on Monday morning in the Boston suburb.

The vehicle, an SUV no less, crashed for unknown reasons and took several people with it, according to the Plymouth County Prosecutor, Tim Cruz.

The driver has been named as Bradley Rein, who has assured police that the fatal collision was an accident. Rein will face reckless homicide charges.

Regarding the people involved in this accident, there were those stuck inside the shop and others outside the establishment who were also caught up in the tragedy.

The first emergency calls were made around 10.45 local time and the local Fire Department has indicated through its Twitter account that it had attended to “several injured and trapped people” in the store.

For their part, Apple has announced that the store will remain closed from Tuesday 22 to Friday November 25.

The fire service are evaluating the structural integrity of the building itself, but that there are no immediate concerns that the building may collapse.

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