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World Cup 2022: USMNT to postpone Thanksgiving dinner ahead of World Cup match vs England

In what will probably become the biggest game of their lives as professionals, the United States Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) decided to postpone Thanksgiving dinner. As it usually happens, all Americans gather with their families to celebrate tthe holiday. Likely most of that players currently in Qatar brought members of their own families but manager Gregg Berhalter made a crucial decision. There will be no Thanksgiving dinner tonoght for any of the players.

If they act carelessly with their diet just a day before facing the toughest opponent of their group, chances are it will affect in some way. In order to avoid any issues with this, the manager and the players made a collective decisions for everybody’s benefit. But the dinner is by no means canceled, they decided to move it to Saturday at their team hotel in Doha. In fact, there will be about 205 family members joining everybody in the celebrations. A dinner that will take place in the evening, which will be after the crucial game vs the Three Lions.

Can the USMNT beat England?

Not being able to win against Wales during the first game of the World Cup was definitely a major setback for Gregg Berhalter’s players. They expected to at least have a chance to win and then move on to this game with all the motivation from the last one. But things didn’t work out the way they wanted and they are facing one of the tournament’s top title contenders. This England side is by far one of the strongest in the World Cup and one of the toughest to beat. But Berhalter wants his players to still make it to this game as sharp as they possibly can.

Arsenal and USMNT goalkeeper Matt Turner madedecided to explain the reason behind this Thanksgiving dinner decision. But it’s all for the best, the idea is to try and win the game but they all know how hard it will be. This is what Turner said: “Every Thanksgiving, probably 30 to 40 of my family and friends all gather at my mom and dad’s house in Park Ridge, New Jersey. So yeah, we’re gonna miss out on that. Mom and Dad are here, so it will be a little bit different for the people back home this time around.”

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